Master of Arts (M.A.) Human Resource Management (Mature Market) – 2 Year


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As a Human Resource (HR) Manager, you’ll play a key factor in helping companies and their workforce work together in order to achieve their shared goals. Your skills, empathy, experience and sense of responsibility will be required in order to help bridge gaps, settle disputes and represent both the interests of employers and the interests of employees at the same time.

Fortunately, IU’s online Master’s Human Resource Management program covers all of the information you need in order to face these challenges with confidence: from business knowledge, to personnel management and personal development approaches. After successfully completing your studies, you’ll have a holistic understanding of how to best support employees, manage their needs and support managers in their efforts to increase productivity.


In this online Master’s program in Human Resource Management, you’ll build a unique set of skills based on personal development theories, business principles and psychology, and establish your abilities as an expert in Human Resource Management. The program has been designed to give you the best tools for succeeding in today’s challenging business world, with special attention given to current trends such as changing demographics, new workplace values, digitalisation and globalisation. Gain an understanding of how the global job market is changing, and what’s necessary in order to succeed in it – for teams and employees.