Master of Arts (M.A.) Growth Hacking for Entrepreneurs (Mature Market)


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Throughout your studies, you will focus heavily on entrepreneurship and digital marketing. With a master’s degree in Growth Hacking for Entrepreneurs, you will become an expert in assisting startups and entrepreneurs in improving their growth strategies and eventually taking on managerial responsibilities.


Strategic company growth requires focused web marketing, product management, and prudent data analysis. These are the subjects you will be studying from the start. By mastering the best techniques for creating business models and accelerating growth, you will learn the secrets of successfully building start-ups through courses like “Advanced Growth Hacking,” “Business Model Design,” “Lean Start-Up,” and “Applied Research”. In your elective area, you will deepen your knowledge in modules of your choice, e.g., in “Neuromarketing”, ” Digital Transformation” and ” Innovation and Sales”.