Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Mature Market)


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Have you ever wondered what makes people buy a certain product and their brand loyalty? Or which motivational methods provide the most benefits to employee and company alike? Business and psychology are closely linked. Economic factors are best understood and companies most at their most successful through an understanding an application of these intrinsic links. As a graduate of IU International University of Applied Sciences’ Bachelor Industrial and Organizational Psychology, you will be responsible for tapping into these links, and applying them to create sustainable success for all stakeholders in businesses.


During your studies, you will learn how to implement psychological findings in business practices. This will start with an introduction to psychology and business practices before diving into a range of applied psychology modules, from social psychology to personnel and intercultural psychology. These modules will give you an in-depth understanding of the techniques and factors affecting consumer behaviour, how businesses communicate with potential customers, and how psychology affects stakeholder relationships within companies. Upon completing the course, you will possess a well-rounded knowledge that will make you a valuable asset to any company and give a considerable boost to your prospects.