Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) International Healthcare Management (Emerging Market)


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Bridge the gap between developed and developing countries, support digitalisation efforts, or promote equal access to quality healthcare services – the Bachelor’s in International Healthcare Management program gives you the chance to build a career with a real impact on the world. By building a career dedicated to improving healthcare systems around the globe, you can expect exciting new challenges on a constant basis, as well as the chance to develop healthcare projects around the world. Develop the knowledge and skills you’ll need for a successful career in the field of healthcare, and work in NGOs, government agencies, or hospital management boards.


In the online Bachelor’s in International Healthcare Management study program, you’ll focus on developing healthcare sector specific business administration and management knowledge and familiarity. You’ll explore the principles of pharmaceutical component development, hospital management, international healthcare systems and international healthcare management. Afterward, you’ll have the option to choose the specialisations that will develop your skills in a way that matches your interest: be it by diving into the structure of the Pharmaceutical Industry, learning about the way medical technology is designed or simply by dedicating your time to working on your business development abilities. Regardless of the specialisations you choose, you’ll finish your studies with a strong understanding of the way in which international healthcare companies operate.