Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Applied Psychology (Emerging Market)


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Interactions in work and everyday life are complex, determined by thoughts, feelings and actions. Every day we have to make decisions, motivate ourselves, and interact with others in various situations. Learn how to apply your psychological expertise in interpersonal situations and processes in the work environment with the IU International University of Applied Sciences B.Sc. Applied Psychology.

While the classical study of psychology is more scientifically empirical, studying applied psychology enables you to take a practical direction in one of the fields of psychology. Whether in business, health, media or communication psychology – the world needs experts on people who know how to apply the findings of psychology in practice.


This online degree program teaches you all the important basics of psychology such as industrial and organisational psychology, clinical and educational psychology as well as psychological research and practice, highlighting the links to fields of application.

The methodological and statistical subjects are also oriented towards the skills needed in practice. During your studies, you will delve deeper into behavioural and evolutionary research as well as into the areas of counselling, communication, conflict management, intercultural psychology and positive psychology. This gives you the know-how to work with people in many different situations, be they clients, patients or applicants. In addition, you have the chance to discover your desired field of psychology by specialising in health, communication, business or media psychology.