UQ Important information about Semester 2, 2021

Important information about Semester 2, 2021

To support international students commencing or continuing their study in Semester 2, 2021 at UQ, we have a number of key updates in relation to:
Course delivery modes
2021 Fees and COVID-19 Rebate
Support for students studying online
Return of international students and travel restrictions
Adjustments to entry requirements for Semester 2, 2021

Studying at UQ in Semester 2, 2021
UQ is committed to providing students with engaging learning experiences and activities, on-campus and online.

If students are unable to join us on-campus, many of our courses are available to study online in ‘External’ mode so that they can get started with their studies. Visit the Programs and Courses website to find which courses are available in ‘External’ mode in Semester 2, 2021. There are important considerations for choosing a course, so we recommend students first visit our Preparing for Semester 2 webpage.

Note: Information in relation to the closure of Australia’s international borders is current as at 15 March 2021. Please review the Australian Government website for the most recent advice. If border restrictions are relaxed by the Australian Government, students may be eligible for a University contribution up to the value of $2000 towards quarantine costs and other services. Further information is available on the Supporting your safe return to UQ webpage.

Fees and the 12.5% UQ COVID-19 Rebate
The University has not increased fees in 2021, they remain at the 2020 level. If international students are prevented from travelling to Australia due to the Australian Government border controls and will be studying with us online from their home country, they may be eligible for a UQ COVID-19 Offshore Online Study Tuition Fee Rebate.

Students will need to be a full-fee paying international student undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree. If eligible, the rebate will provide a 12.5% reduction of their tuition fees based on their actual course enrolments in Semester 2, 2021. Please review the UQ Students and parents COVID-19 advice webpage for further information on the rebate.

NOTE: Whilst eligible students will receive this rebate on their fees, there will be no change to the commission payable to agents.

Return of international students

We understand the impact that the pandemic is having on our international students who are unable to travel to Australia. The University has been working directly with the Queensland State Government to support proposals currently being considered to enable the return of international students to Australia. Although our proposals and plans are well advanced, the timing of the decision to open the borders to Australia, even for a smaller group of people such as our students, is a matter that the Australian Federal Government has to balance with the health and wellbeing of the people currently in Australia.

Australia has now begun the vaccination program for COVID-19 and we are confident that this, alongside our effort in working with the state and federal governments on plans to support the safe return of international students, puts us in a strong position to move quickly when the decision is taken to re-open borders.

Travel restrictions
The Department of Home Affairs has reported a large increase in Student visa holders who are applying for travel exemptions to come to Australia. Unfortunately, many of these do not meet a travel exemption category and then are disappointed when receiving a refusal of their request. It is important that we actively manage the expectations of international students. Should an international student discuss applying for a travel exemption, please remind them to read the travel restrictions details on the Department’s website and ensure, if they do fit into one of the categories, to provide evidence. The Department’s website has up to date information about travel restrictions: covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au.

Alternatives to meeting entry requirements for Semester 2, 2021

UQ understands the difficulties international students may face applying to commence their studies in Semester 2 2021, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this, UQ has made a number of adjustments and alternatives to our international admissions to support students to continue their academic journeys.

Cancellation of international exams
UQ will make the following adjustments to students who have not been able to take their international exams:
Admit students based on predicted grades, if available (i.e. 2 points higher in IB, predicted grades for A-levels); OR
Admit students based on adjusted grades as organised by each testing body.
Where results are not available, admit based on high school results that are equivalent to Year 12 (if undertaken).
Assess applications based on Year 12 equivalent where tertiary study transcript is not available for students who have completed one year of tertiary studies; OR
Six months of tertiary studies (whichever one benefits applicants most).

Recognised prior learning
UQ will take the following actions in relation to recognised prior learning (RPL) agreements:
Accept unofficial marks and successful completion.
Accept agent translations and certification.
Adjusted entry requirements for Faculty credit articulation partners, with RPL adjusted, as approved by the Faculty.
Issue CoEs based on verified documents.
Issue conditional CoEs on uncertified/unverified documents on the condition that students provide certified documents and meet all conditions by the end of Semester 2, 2021 teaching period, whichever is applicable.
A clause for admission to be included where applicable for students to provide their official final transcript and completion when received from their home institution by the end of Semester 2, 2021 teaching period, whichever is applicable.

Accepting certified unofficial/online transcripts
UQ has made the following adjustments to supply Confirmation of Enrolments (CoEs) to students who may not have completed their studies and/or hold unofficial/uncertified documents:
Accept agent translation and certification of documents.
Issue conditional CoEs for students who are on track to meet admission requirements with an incomplete degree. For postgraduate entry where transcripts are incomplete, UQ will issue Conditional CoEs based on five semesters (of a three-year degree/qualification from home institute) or six to seven semesters (four-year degree qualification form home institute).
Issue conditional CoEs based on uncertified/unofficial documents on the condition that students provide official certified documents and meet all conditions by the end of Semester 2, 2021 period, whichever is applicable.
Instigate an escalation process for students who do not meet the overall GPA requirement or could not complete their degrees successfully. Subject to appropriate governance of the process, an affected student may be able to continue if the student has met satisfactory academic progress in their first semester at UQ.
Accept verified mark sheets and successful completion with semester mark sheets or ‘backlog’ mark sheets for India (where available) as meeting the requirements of a Conditional CoE.

English language proficiency
Usually, UQ can only accept approved English language test results taken within two years of starting at UQ. In recognition of the COVID-19 situation, for students commencing study in Semester 2, 2021, UQ will accept tests that have been taken within three years of starting at UQ.

For students studying a nursing, midwifery or an allied health program who plan to seek registration in Australia at the end of their studies please note that the relevant AHPRA Boards may not accept English language test results that were taken up to three years before starting at UQ and a new test may have to be taken to complete registration requirements.

Non-standard English language tests
UQ will not be accepting alternative English language testing, such as Password Skills, Linguaskill General or TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition for direct entry into Semester 2, 2021. UQ will accept the following standard English language tests:
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic

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