Travel Restrictions update 25/09/2020

Travel Restrictions update

The Department of Home Affairs most recently updated their Travel Restrictions website on the 21st of September.

The main update is to announce a new portal for requesting travel exemptions is open. This portal should make requesting a travel exemption to enter Australia easier to do and the tracking of the request simpler. Most exemption requests are finalized within 7 days but it is advised to apply for an exemption between three months and two weeks before you intend to enter Australia.

The page also reminds everyone that there are still limited flights in and out of Australia. Anyone entering Australia must go through a 14 day quarantine.

Someone who isn’t a citizen or permanent resident of Australia might find it difficult to be granted a travel exemption. The people most likely to be granted an exemption are workers with critical skills coming to work in Australia in response to covid-19. Exemption might also be granted for compassionate reasons such as having a close family member in Australia who is critically ill.

For more information you can visit the travel restrictions page at the link.