Travel exemptions to enter Australia during the boarder lockdown

Travel exemptions to enter Australia during the boarder lockdown


While rare there are some cases where an exemption can be granted to travel to Australia. Keep in mind there aren’t many flights and anyone arriving in Australia will have to go into 14 days quarantine at their own expense in most cases.


A travel exemption can be granted for someone working in a critical sector or with critical skills. People who might be granted an exemption will fall into one of the following categories.

  • Invited by the Australian Government to help fight covid-19.
  • Giving specialist medical services, including transport of patients or supplies.
  • Having skills required to maintain supply of essential goods.
  • Working in sectors critical to Australia’s economic recovery, where no Australian is available to fill the position.
  • Sponsored by an employer for a role on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)
  • Have critical skills in a religious field.
  • Be deemed by the government that it is in Australia’s national interest to grant them entrance.


An individual or business acting on behalf of an individual can submit a request for an exemption. Applications should be made between 2 weeks and 3 months before the individual intends to enter Australia.


The request should include the personal details of the person applying, reason for travel, personal statement supporting the application. Evidence supporting the application should also be included such as letter from the business the applicant will be working for or invitation from the government.


A visa will also be required to enter Australia but there is no requirement to have ether the exemption or the visa granted before applying for the other. A visa or exemption could be applied for at the same time or one after the other in any order.


More information and the online application form for a travel exemption can be found at