Study In Regional Australia and Migration Expo (SIRA) – Online

Join AMET SIRA Migration Expo anywhere in the world!!


Come along and talk to experienced Education and Migration Consultants who can assist you with your Education and Career goals.


More than 45 Australian regional universities, government nomination departments, skills assessment bodies and international student service providers will participate AMET SIRA ( Study in Regional Australia) & Migration Expo ONLINE duration 15 May and 13 June 2020.


Looking to learn more about what Visa type is best for you…. 489, 491, 190, 191?

See Australia as your new home?

Speak to the experts and let them help you achieve your dream!

How to join?

1. Download “Whove” application here


2. Click “Go to All My Events”


3. Click “Find My Event/Conference”


4. Search “AMET”


5. You will be able to join our AMET SIRA Expo now!!