Student visa basics

The application process for a student visa goes as follows:

The first step is to apply to school/university (this is AMET Education’s specialty if you need any help); and successful receive an Offer Letter. You accept the offer by signing the letter and in most cases make a deposit for the first semester of study. The school will then issue you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Depending on the school you chose this might be between $10,000 ~ $45,000. The Confirmation of Enrolment document is critical to your application process, as without it you cannot lodge a student visa validly.

Please note that if this is your first student visa or if you are extending your visa, you will most likely need to buy medical insurance for international students (OSHC). A lot of students buy incorrect packages, or from invalid companies. We highly recommend you to chat with one of our AMET Education counsellors in regards to your OSHC. Most of the time, you will be purchasing your OSHC as a part of accepting your Offer Letter. One year cover is about $550 but it needs to cover your whole course so, for example, three years study could be about $1,600. If you are bringing dependents, they will need medical insurance cover as well.

Once making sure that you have your COE and OSHC, it is time to look at applying for a student visa which you want to do about 3 months before your course starts. The main things you have to show for your application are: passport, CoE, OSHC, funding for your living expenses and studies and your genuine temporary entrant statement ( otherwise known as your GTE statement).

For your GTE you need to write a document showing you plan to return home after you graduate and that you have researched how by studying in Australia, it will help your career in the near and distant future. This is probably the most complicated part of a student visa application and the part that is the most important to get right as it is one of the top reasons student visas grants are refused.

The next most common reason student visas are refused is lack of sufficient funds. It is a simple equation to figure out the minimum you should have in your bank account. You must demonstrate that on top of a years’ worth of school fees, that you also have enough money to live in Australia for a year and buy a flight ticket back home. For the living expense and plane ticket, you will want to show you have access to about $25,000. Please note that this is the minimum amount, whether you will live on more or less will be determined by where you live in Australia, your choice of transport and your lifestyle. It is important to also realise that if you are bringing dependents this figure will increase (to find out the specifics, you may contact us at any time.)

The visa application fee for a single student is $620 AUD (+ credit card surcharge if you pay that way). This fee can go up to $1320 if you have applied for a student or tourist visa while onshore in Australia before.

The documents you need to prepare for a student visa can vary depending on where you are from and where you are going to study but we will talk about that in a future post. There are some things you can say that will automatically have your visa refused so it is important to understand all the requirements before you apply. For any Australian study or visa questions please contact us.