Save time and money! Do you want to enter a reputed university with lower threshold? Let Pathway programs activate your career!

Hello, everyone! Australia has a comprehensive education system and provides high quality education and multiple ways to enter university. Therefore, students have many options to get into their ideal higher education institutions. Today, we will talk about pathway programs, which allow you to study at a reputed university with a lower threshold. Let’s have a look together!

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How to enter an Australian university?

First, we will illustrate what’s the ways to get into a higher education institution in Australia.

Directly apply to universities
For students who excel in academic performance and English proficiency (about IELTS 6.5-7.0)

Foundation program+ Undergraduate courses
For students who with outstanding academic performance and the English level is good/medium.
Foundation courses (8 months -1.5 years, depends on IELTS grade and intake) + Undergraduate courses (3 years / 4 years)
Make students well-prepared through the foundation program. After graduating, students have a range of major options.


Diploma courses + Undergraduate Courses
This option is for the students whose academic performance is above average; they could adapt Australian environment quickly and complete the bachelor’s degrees in a shorter period.
Diploma Course (8-12 months) + Australian Undergraduate courses (2 years /3 years)
Students could obtain the Australian bachelor’s degree in 3 years or 4 years. Save time and money!


What is the Pathway Program?

Pathway program includes the Foundation program and Diploma course; it could be considered as a bridge course designed for international students. In other words, a pathway program is like a conditional entry. Even the applicants are not able to reach the entry requirements of the university, they could still meet the standards through complete diploma courses. Compared with direct application, pathway programs with lower entry and English requirements.


Advantages of the Pathway program

Multiple ways to get into reputed universities

Pathway program is a bridge for students who haven’t reached English or academic requirements to directly enter top universities.

Many pathway programs offer credit transfer or exemption; it could accelerate the duration of the bachelor’s degree.


Small-sized lecture
In general, pathway courses apply small-sized lectures, which means that tutors could focus on students more and develop a variety of abilities. As a result, students’ research and academic skills could be cultivated beforehand.

A great deal for international students

For international students, the Pathway program could connect Australian education with their background faster. As can be seen, it not only optimizes students’ learning experience but also improves their language proficiency and learning efficiency. It’s a great deal for international students!


Flexible intake and learning schedule
Pathway programs could be delivered online or face-to-face. What if you miss out a course? Don’t worry! You could also attend online lecture anytime. Furthermore, most of the intake of pathway programs is more flexible.

Who may consider Pathway programs?

Students who don’t reach the English requirements

If the applicant doesn’t meet the English requirements yet, the student could study pathway program first; usually, the threshold is lower than someone who direct applies to university.


The grade of high school or College GPA didn’t match the entry requirement

Like the previous paragraph, if an applicant’s grades or GPA do not reach the entry requirements, they can still apply for the pathway program to prepare the study journey.


Someone who want to choose a different specialisation in master’s degree
If you are going to apply for a master’s degree, but the major is different from your previous degree, you could also join the pathway program. Throughout the courses, students are able to learn new knowledge and skills, and then study the ideal program in the future.


Someone who would like to study abroad as soon as possible

If you want to study abroad as soon as possible, but don’t have enough time to prepare for your English test, the Pathway program is right for you! It not only fulfills your dream faster but also reinforces your competency.


Direct Application vs. Pathway Program

* Most Australian universities accept other different English tests, and some even offer an exemption of language requirements!


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From the information above, pathway programs have so many advantages! Next, we are going to share the good news with you! One of AMET Education’s value partners – Gess Education, offers a range of quality pathway courses and cooperates with many universities in Queensland. It allows you to achieve your dream as soon as possible and waive some entry requirements.

About GeSS Education

GeSS Education was founded in 2012, which committed to providing quality education for students, and producing outstanding learner guides for students and tutors. Its reputation and student services are superb! The school aims to offer excellent industry trainers and help students to fulfill their dreams; make them “Job-Ready”!

GeSS Education is in the heart of the Gold Coast; the school not only offers professional development workshops, but also on behalf of partners to provides vocational qualifications to both national and international students. Moreover, the institution develops with an innovative learning management system; both online and face-to-face lecture resources are abundant.


Gess Education offers Pathway Programs to Griffith University:

Griffith University was established in 1971, it is one of the top 15 universities in Australia and the top 2% of universities globally. More than 85% of employers are satisfied with their graduates.


After completing the program offered by Gess Education, students may be able to study the following degrees at Griffith University:

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management


Besides, Gess Education also has a partnership with many well-known universities. If you want to learn more, please feel free to register and consult with us!

Thank you for reading this article. The pathway program is not only offering students the opportunity to enter higher education institution, but also complete the degree faster! If you would like to know more information, please register and talk about your study plan with us!

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