RMIT International Tuition Fee Bursary – Available to eligible students now!

Source: RMIT

RMIT International Tuition Fee Bursary


International students unable to travel to Australia will receive a bursary which covers 10% of tuition fees.

Source: RMIT

These are challenging times for students, particularly those who have been directly impacted by Australian border restrictions and are not able to study on campus. To assist students in achieving educational goals at RMIT University, RMIT announced that eligible international students who are unable to travel to Australia will receive an International Tuition Fee Bursary.

The new International Tuition Fee Bursary will cover 10% of eligible RMIT international student tuition fees for Semester 2 2021 and Semester 1 2022.

Value and duration

  • 10% tuition fee reduction in Semester 2, 2021 and Semester 1, 2022.
  • Bursary automatically applied to tuition fees after census date.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the bursary students must meet ALL of the following criteria. Students must be:

  • Full-fee paying international students.
  • Enrolled at an Australian campus.
  • Enrolled in a higher education, vocational education or higher degree by research (HDR) and unable to come to Australia due to current border restrictions in Semester 2 2021 and/or Semester 1 2022, and/or Spring, Summer and flexible term enrolments within this timeframe.
  • Not in receipt of any other RMIT scholarships covering tuition fees.

The following students are not eligible for the bursary:

  • Domestic and HECS fee paying students.
  • RMIT Online students.
  • RMIT Vietnam students.
  • RMIT Training.
  • Students studying through RMIT’s study partners outside Australia.
  • Study Abroad students.
  • Students already receiving a reduction in their fees through another RMIT scholarship, bursary or partner arrangement.
  • International students who are in Australia during the bursary period.

How to Apply?

  1. Select an eligible program.
  2. Submit an application to study at RMIT.
  3. If students are successful, they will receive an offer letter with the bursary details outlined. If students already have an existing valid offer, this bursary will be applied to their fist semester tuition invoice.

Please note continuing students will have the International Tuition Fee Bursary applied to tuition fees for units of study undertaken in the specified study periods.

Terms and Conditions


  • This Bursary will not be applied retrospectively for any units undertaken before Semester 2, 2021.
  • RMIT has the authority to cease offering this bursary at any time.

Source: RMIT

RMIT University’s Foundation Programs provide international students with the opportunity to advance to all RMIT University’s undergraduate degree programs and vocational education qualifications.


The Foundation Program is developed by RMIT University as an alternative pathway to bachelor course. The course is taught by RMIT Training, a wholly owned company of RMIT University.

Source: RMIT

Students who enroll in the foundation program are official students at RMIT and enjoy the full benefits of being a student at RMIT and enjoy the charm of one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Source: RMIT

You can choose from a range of majors that interest you: art, design and architecture; Business; Science, Engineering and Health. Or you can take a general education course to open up a wider range of study options in the future.

Please AMET Consultant for consultation

Source: RMIT

This bursary is available to prospective international students under Foundation Studies program.

Value and duration

  • 20% tuition fee reduction to Foundation Studies program for two (2) semesters with July or September 2021 intake
  • Additional AUD$5000 one-off bursary for applicants with a packaged offer against a University program in Semester 2 2022 intake.


In order to qualify for this bursary you must:

  • be commencing student in Foundation Studies program with July or September 2021 intake

How to apply

  1. Select an eligible program.
  2. Submit an application to study at RMIT.
  3. If you are successful, you will receive an offer letter with the bursary details outlined.

Open date

Applications now open.

Terms and conditions

  • The 20% tuition fee reduction will be applied towards the tuition fees of Foundation Studies program and cannot be deferred to another year – must be taken up in 2021
  • The $5000 one-off bursary will be applied when students commence their University program in Semester 2 2022 intake and must be taken in Semester 2 2022.
  • The 20% tuition fee reduction may be offered together with other RMIT International scholarship i.e. Future Leaders Scholarship.
  • The $5000 one-off bursary do not apply to students who are eligible for the Future Leaders Scholarship.
  • RMIT has the authority to cease offering this reduction at any time.


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