Queensland, Australia’s sunshine state, enjoy the most comfortable environment with 300 days of sunshine throughout the year!

Speaking of Australia, what do you think of? kangaroo? Koala? In fact, Australia is more than that. Today, let me introduce Queensland to you, a region with beautiful coast and forest. Let’s explore Queensland together!

-Located in the North Eastern of Australia, the second largest state national wide

-Abundant of minerals, fruits, vegetables and natural resources


Famous cities in Queensland

Well-known cities in Queensland include Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, etc. We are going to specifically introduce those in the regional areas.



-Tropical climates

-Located in the northern Queensland

-The average hourly wage in Cairns is $25.04 AUD

-Famous tourist hot spot. Cairns is very close to the Great Barrier Reef, tropical rainforest and Atherton Plateau

The breathtaking view of Great Barrier Reef

A unique tropical rain forest, suitable for family outings!

The 7.5-kilometer-long cable car offers a panoramic view of the rainforest

The weather and temperature are comfortable in Cairns for whole year. In the coldest winter, the average temperature still reaches 20 degrees.


Cost of Living

-The cost of living in Cairns is less 5.29% than Sydney

-The following table is the estimated cost in Cairns

-Cairns bus service is provided by Sunbus, responsible for most of the routes in the suburbs, beaches and cities


Gold Coast

-Subtropical climates

-A variety of sceneries, such as tropical rainforest, mountains and coasts

-Australia’s sixth largest and internationally renowned tourist city


The stunning city and seascape of the Gold Coast


Cost of Living

-Many choices of cuisines, restaurants and shopping malls

-The transportation is convenient. The light rails available and it could take you everywhere

-The following table is the estimated living costs of the Gold Coast


Salary comparison

-The average hourly wage on the Gold Coast is $24.96

-The cost of living on the Gold Coast is much lower than both big cities and regional areas


Migration tips

Compared with other cities, foreign students in regional areas have more opportunities to acquire state nomination and bonus points of immigration


  1. Sponsored Immigration Program Visa for Remote Areas (Subclass 187)

* Can live permanently in Australia;

*Can work and study in Australia;

*Can obtain Australian permanent resident status (PR) directly;


  1. State Government Sponsored Immigrant Visa (Subclass 190)

* Can live in Australia indefinitely;

* Able to work and study in Australia;

* Can obtain Australian permanent resident status (PR) directly;


  1. Skilled Migration in Remote Areas (Subclass 491)

* 491 visa holders have a medical card (Medicare), which is equivalent to getting PR admission tickets

*Immigration points for 491 visa are up to 15 points!

* 491 holders can live and work in any regional area when transferring to PR


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