Interested in becoming a Dancers or Choreographer, activate your PR Pathway and career prospect! Apply Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) with only 65 points!

Do you love performing arts? Do you enjoy dancing? If you want to migrate to Australia, don’t miss out on these occupations – Dancers / Choreographers. These occupations are not only high demand in Australia, but you can also apply for a Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) with only 65 points! Interested?  Continue reading to find out more….

Dance in Australia

A range of Arts Festivals

In the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is known for it’s vibrant performing arts sector, thanks to the support and funding provided by the Australian Government. . This is evident throughout cities all over Australia in the production of major  art festivals such as, Perth International Arts Festival, The Adelaide Festival of Arts and Melbourne International Arts Festival. Visual artists, actors, dancers, choreographers are all involved in these events.

Perth International Arts Festival

Source: BRETHERTON (2017)

Melbourne International Arts Festival

Source: Broadsheet (n.d.)

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

Source: Knight (2017)

Large Dance Groups

There are a variety of large dance groups in Australia.  The premier groups includes, the Sydney Dance Company, which is lead by Artistic Director Graeme Murphy, The Australian Ballet and Queensland Ballet.

Source: Sydney Dance Company (n.d.)


Source: GrowthOps (n.d.)


Source: Queensland Ballet (2020)



“ab [intra]”- Sydney Dance Company

Source: Sydney Dance Company (n.d.)


 “Swan Lake”– The Australian Ballet

Source: The Australian Ballet (n.d.)


“Sleeping Beauty”– The Australian Ballet

Source: Glam Adelaide (2018)


“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Queensland Ballet

Source: Scenestr (2018)


Dance education in Australia has been developed thoroughly, many universities provide Arts related courses and professional dance teachers for a variety students. In Australia, the categories of dance are divided into Ballet Dancer, Contemporary or Modern Dancer, and Exotic Dancer.

Source: Dance Australia (2019)


The Career Prospects for Dancers in Australia

According to the statistic from Australian Industry and Skills Committee (2016-17) , the creative industry contributes $111.7 billion AUD to the Australian economy,  which means over 6% of GDP. Between 2000 to 2019, the number of people employed in the Creative and Performing Arts industry increased to 51,400 people. Due to COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the number of employed has dropped significantly. However, the number of people employed in this industry is expected to grow to approximately  57,100 people by 2024.

The most common VET-related occupations in this industry are: Music Professionals, Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers. In 2024, Dancers  are projected to see growth of approximately 9% over the same period. What does this mean? The Dance Industry has great career prospects and is in high demand in Australia!


According to JobOutlook website,  Dancers and Choreographers not only have a very high skill level but also growth of demand in the future.

About Dancers and Choreographers


The JobOutlook website illustrated the job tasks of  Dancers and Choreographers:

  • Practises dance routines and interprets the choreographic content of the work
  • Performs dances for audience entertainment
  • Composes and notates ballet compositions and other dance routines
  • Creates and performs individual performance routines
  • Rehearses, auditions and travels between entertainment venues


Choreographers are like Screenwriters, using dance to express their thoughts. From the perspective of job responsibilities, the choreographer has some professional skills to teach and arrange dances.  They are able to train and manage actors effectively for a performance, they also need to understand different styles of dancing.


PR Pathway occupation

ANZSCO 211112 Dancer or Choreographer

Dancer or Choreographer classified to the VETASSESS Group B occupation and requires a bachelor or higher degree (Qualification/s assessed at Australian bachelor’s degree or Australian higher degree level). The Skill Assessment does not require IELTS, and the assessment is permanently effective.

The most important is, Dancer or Choreographer is able to apply for a Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189),  with only 65 points! Moreover, the occupation ANZSCO 211112 Dancer or Choreographer is on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)!

Source: Federal Register of Legislation (2019)


If your nominated occupation is Dancer or Choreographer, and you want to apply for a Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189), but worry that your point assessment is not enough, what should you do? Don’t worry! According to the graph below, the EOI has remained at 65 points since 2020. The threshold could be considered as pretty low!


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Skills Assessment requirements

The Skills Assessments of these occupations are evaluated by VETASSESS, they are on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) as well. The first requirement is to complete a relevant bachelor’s degree or above (aligned with the Australian Qualification Framework).  Then the other Skill Assessment requirements include:

  • At least one year of post-qualification highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level in the last five years
  • Work 20 hours or more per week, and
  • Highly related to the nominated occupation


Next, let’s have a look the high-quality dancing course from Australian Performing Arts Conservatory!


Australian Performing Arts Conservatory

TEQSA PRV140 | CRICOS Number: 03897G

Australian Performing Arts Conservatory (APAC) was established in 1993 and has more than 25 years of experience offering quality performing arts education. The school turns passion into successful creative careers through the development of students skillset and supporting their future by connecting them with industry.

Bachelor of Screen & Stage (Song & Dance)


This is a course designed for contemporary performing artists to reinforce and integrate the complementary performance skills which are increasingly in demand. Not only in the modern-day stage music, but also in the fast-growing field of music video sector.


By collaborating with actors, singers, dancers and filmmakers on a range of projects, students will have an opportunity to establish their knowledge and experience to work flexibly in the creative industry.


The career outcomes include, Entertainer, Dancer, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Actor, Music Teacher, Choreographer and Music Journalist and more.


Beside this course, the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory offers more courses. Please contact us for more information!

If you are looking forward to joining the Dance Industry in Australia or plan to migrate to Australia, please contact us for more details! We will arrange the most professional consultation with you as soon as possible!


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