Group of Eight

Study in a Go8 University

Study in a Go8 University

Studying at a Go8 University is a commitment to excellence. The Go8 accepts quality students who become quality graduates

The Group of Eight fosters and shapes the international leaders of tomorrow. They welcome quality students from all backgrounds who have the potential and have showcased their abilities in a variety of disciplines, whether that be in the academic field or through professional practice.

As the top Australian educators, these universities feature in the top 50 places for every broad faculty and teaching area of the QS world university subject rankings. In 2019 all Go8 universities were amongst the 150 institutions worldwide. Seven Go8 universities are ranked within the top 100 universities globally.

The Go8 is not only known for a high standard of teaching but also comprises Australia’s world-leading, research facilities and programs. In any given year the Go8 has around 31,000 research students. Almost half of all research completed in Australia are from a Go8 university. What’s more impressive is that over 99% of Go8 research is world class or above.

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