Tommy CHANG 22 May, 2024

Why has the GTE requirement changed?

As part of the updated Migration Strategy, effective from December 11, 2023, the Australian Government has introduced a new criterion for student visa applications, termed the Genuine Student (GS) requirement. This new measure replaces the previous Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement.

The shift from the GTE to the GS requirement marks a significant change in the student visa application process. Instead of the former 300-word statement, applicants will now respond to a set of specific questions. These questions are designed to provide visa officers with a deeper understanding of the applicant’s intentions and motivations for pursuing education in Australia, thereby enriching the context for the documentary evidence submitted with the application.

This updated approach aims to enhance the transparency and efficiency of the visa assessment process by clarifying the expectations for applicants, including their potential future migration plans. It also assists the Department of Home Affairs in better identifying applicants who may not have genuine academic or career intentions.

The implementation of the GS requirement is expected to benefit the international education sector by supporting genuine students and high-quality educational providers. Additionally, it will aid both Australian and global employers in identifying and recruiting talented graduates from Australia’s diverse and skilled international student pool.

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