[Budget Announcement] More places for partner, global talent and business visa

The Federal Budget for 2020-21 has been announced and it includes some interesting visa news. While the numbers show immigration to Australia will likely be a net negative for the first time since World War II in the coming year this isn’t surprising given the boarders are closed, there are no changes to the total cap of 160,000 places from last year’s budget. But there are some very big changes within that cap.

There are far more places for partner, global talent and business visas which means less places for everything else. Places for the Global Talent Independent program have tripled. This will very likely mean less places for other skilled visas. The large increase to Partner visas will leave less for other family visas like Parent visas. It is also possible the increase in Partner visas will be eaten up by a backlog of existing cases.

For anyone wanting to stay permanently in Australia the visa classes that “won at the budget” are the Distinguished Talent 124 visa, Business Innovation and Investment 188 – 888 visas, Partner 820 – 801 visas. For all the other permanent visa classes it just got a little more competitive to secure your place.