admin 13 July, 2022

Australia is offering refunds on working holiday visas if travellers visit in 2022

Australia is offering refunds on its working holiday visas for travellers who plan to visit in 2022 in a bid to entice backpackers and other visitors – and it’s easy to apply

Australia is offering to pay back travellers applying for working holiday visas, provided they visit the country in 2022.

Currently, those who hold a working holiday visa and are fully vaccinated can travel to Australia, as part of the destination’s phased reopening of borders.

A Working Holiday visa basically allows you to work for the same employer or organisation for more than six months up until 31 December 2022 without needing to request permission.

Under the new offer, anyone who applies for a working holiday visa and arrives in Australia by April 19, 2022, will be eligible for a refund of AUD$495 (approx. £260) on their visa application.

Which could mean extra money you can then spend on exploring some of Australia’s ridiculously beautiful places from iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, to sprawling national parks and picture-perfect beaches.