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According to the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Creative Industries cover a range of sectors such as Publishing, Performing Arts, Screen and Film Production, Visual Arts and Musicand is abundant with professionals rich in these areas of expertise. In this edition, we will focus onkey occupations within Australia’s creative sector. These occupations not only have good career prospects but you can also upgrade your skill level . Furthermore, you might have a chance to migrate to Australia! Let’s have a look together!

The Creative Industries in Australia

Performing Arts

In Australia, Performing Arts is splendid and full of variety. For instance, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Opera Australia and Australian Ballet, these groups are not only performed at the famous Sydney Opera House, but their reputations are also recognized globally! Performing Arts accelerate Australia’s economy and influence its culture significantly.


Film Industry

The Australian Film Industry plays an important role worldwide, it has been honoured with 34 awards form the Academy Awards (The Oscars). The categories of these awards cover Actor, Director, Production, Screenwriter, Score, Costume Design, Make up and Visual Effects. Attributable to its first-class equipment and production skills. Australia has an outstanding reputation in the international Film and Television Industry.


Modern Music

Modern Music sector in Australia has a great influence in the world. It currently exports music to the global market, including Classical, Blues and Rock music. Modern music is one of the most important cultural outputs and it has made an important contribution to the national economy.


Average salary of Creative Industry


We will take Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage) as an example. According to Job Outlook, the average weekly salary of a full-time employee is $1,539, which is higher than the average $1,460 per week, it also requires a high level of communication and media knowledge.

As for other relevant occupations (such as Dancers & Choreographers/ Film & Video Editor), these require high level skills but also have moderate to strong future growth.

How to migrate to Australia with Creative Sector?

PR Pathway Occupations
ANZSCO 212312: Director (Film, TV, Radio or Stage)

ANZSCO 212314: Film and Video Editor
The Skills Assessment of film and video editor is VET group B, which will require one year of highly relevant work experience in the past five years. If students study a major that is related to the film and video industry, the one-year working experience will be exempt. The job role is mainly in the areas of video editing, dubbing, special effects, subtitles.

ANZSCO 211112 Dancer or Choreographer

Dancer or Choreographer classified to the VETASSESS Group B occupation and requires a bachelor or higher degree (Qualification/s assessed at Australian bachelor’s degree or Australian higher degree level). The Skill Assessment does not require IELTS, and the assessment is permanently effective.

About Australian Performing Arts Conservatory

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Skills Assessment requirements

The Skills Assessments of these occupations are evaluated by VETASSESS, they are on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) as well. The first requirement is to complete a relevant bachelor’s degree or above (aligned with the Australian Qualification Framework).  Then the other Skill Assessment requirements includes:

  • At least one year of post-qualification highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level in the last five years
  • Work 20 hours or more per week, and
  • Highly related to the nominated occupation


About Australian Performing Arts Conservatory

TEQSA PRV140 | CRICOS Number: 03897G

Australian Performing Arts Conservatory (APAC) was established in 1993 and has more than 25 years of experience offering quality performing arts education. The school turns passion into successful creative careers through the  development of  students skillset andsupporting their future by connecting industry pathways.


Why choose APAC?

The successful alumni community are pioneers throughout the creative industries and are a testament of APAC. Furthermore, APAC fills a gap in Australian performing arts training via a personal and dynamic method to education. The school has been accredited by TEQSA in 2018.

Course recommendation
Bachelor of Screen & Stage (Screen Production)

A bachelor’s degree has become the entry level benchmark internationally for the industry which demands higher order skills across: Executive, Production, Creative, and technical roles. The Bachelor of Screen & Stage (Screen Production) is a practical and multi-disciplinary film course that covers a variety of theoretical knowledge; contextual understanding; highly developed analytical and critical thinking skills.

Moreover, APAC provides the film-making equipment with higher level technical skills: cameras, lighting, audio etc, and meshes that with aesthetic, artistic, creative and production skills.


The career outcomes include, Lighting Designer, Sound Recordist, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Production Manager, Postproduction and more.


Bachelor of Screen & Stage (Song & Dance)

This is a course designed for contemporary performing artists to reinforce and integrate the complementary performance skills which are increasingly in demand. Not only in the modern-day stage music, but also in the fast-growing field of music video sector.


By collaborating with actors, singers, dancers and filmmakers on a range of projects, you will have an opportunity to establish your knowledge and experience to work flexibly in the creative industry.


The career outcomes include, Entertainer, Dancer, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Actor, Music Teacher, Choreographer and Music Journalist and more.


What are you waiting for? Apply NOW to study at APAC, activate your creative career from now on!


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